Poiana Brasov is located in the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart of Transylvania (central Romania).  It's modern and luxurious, yet rooted in a well preserved environment.  The resort is comparable to other notorious European resorts in the Alps, although it has a number of advantages (lower prices being just one).  The medieval city of Brasov is just 14 km away, and the closest international airport is 188 km away, in Bucharest.  Buses, as well as rental cars, are available from both cities.  Once here, a car is no longer a necessity.  Everything is within walking distance, and there are shuttle buses to the slopes.

Poiana Brasov has long been an international destination.  It all started in 1951, when Poiana Brasov hosted the World Student Winter Games.  Since then, the resort has been the host of many important competitions, it became the country's most popular ski resort, and it's been under constant development.  They say that during the resort's early development stages, Romania's leaders wanted to create a resort that would rival those in the Alps.  As a result, they sent architects and engineers to study some of the most famous European resorts and apply the same design and quality principles here.  So, if Poiana Brasov "feels" like a small Alpine resort, there's a reason for it.  As a matter of fact, this resort is often nicknamed "The Romanian Alps".  Recently, Poiana Brasov underwent a massive modernization process.  Millions of Euros were spent by the government for widening the slopes, improving their quality, building top-notch cable and snow installations, and making sure the resort meets the highest European standards. At the same time, many more investments came from the private sector, in the form of lavish hotels, spa and leisure centers, like no others in the country.  Poiana Brasov is now an oasis of luxury, at affordable prices.   

But Poiana Brasov's magic can best be found in its surroundings.  A cable car trip to the top of Postavaru Mountain offers breathtaking views.  A paragliding flight will give you a sense of freedom and empowerment.  And the pristine and mostly untouched environment will make you feel as if you're in a fairy-tale.  Come and see for yourself.